Sinks that seem made just for you

From traditional style to contemporary design, all Franke sinks express brilliant creativity. Every detail is taken into consideration, even the smallest, for example the patented integrated edge that allows you to cook and clean without the slightest effort.

Stainless steel - classic elegance full of real practical advantages. Extremely hygienic and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Fragranite - beautiful and resistant, withstands thermal stress and prevents the spread of bacteria.



Tight spokes - It is possible to choose among the numerous spoking options for an effect that enhances the elegance of

the product, increasing its functionality in terms of use and cleaning.

Too full perimeter -The perimeter overflow replaces the traditional loopholes, giving greater aesthetic cleanliness of the tank.   

Fast Fix System - This system allows you to install the Franke Box tanks quickly and easily, and in total ergonomics.    Integrated drain - Made directly from the sink steel, the drain is free of cracks, preventing the accumulation of food residues.     

Premium basket - The basket is easily removable from the seat thanks to a wider grip.


Franke's attention is directed to people. Our task is to fill you with inspiration and wonder. Therefore we create products that will make you happy, making you feel special. We aim to provide you with products that really improve your life. You are our inspiration to realize your dreams.


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