Cleaning and Hygiene ...
More protection with antibacterial sinks MicroStop® and Ultraclean®

The sinks used by Ala ensure cleanliness and protection against bacteria thanks to a particular technology adopted by PLADOS MicroStop® that thanks to a specific integrated anti-mold in the same particle structure of the sink, is capable of giving fresh and hygienic longer in time...

The LOTUS effect

After several researches and tests, our laboratories have succeded in reproducing the way “Lotus” leaves react towards dirt. The Lotus flower is considered a symbol of pureness in the Asiatic religions, probably because although it is often immersed in muddy waters, it is pollution and dirt proof. Because of this reason,this flower has been studied in order to reproduce on our sinks surfaces its way to react towards water and dirt. The most important result of the Lotus effect in nature is the protection against organic pathogen contaminations, like spores and bacteria. These contaminations are regularly removed from Lotus leaves simply thanks to the rain. Oily substances as well are easily removed from leaves thanks to the mechanical action of the rain.

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